BP 10

Dualism……strict authoritative discipline of my mother when I wanted to stay out late with my friends when my mother felt like I was not old enough or had the maturity to hang out as if I was older.

multiplicity…..as I reflect on my own experience with multiplicity, I can remember being confused about whether to actually kiss a boy I was interested in. During this confusion, I wrestled with romantic emotions versus whether it was the right thing to do. My mom at the time, which I did not tell her how I felt because I was afraid, talked to me about relationships and intimacy. She explained that I was too young to have control of my emotions in dealing with sex or anything leading up to that and explained that she didn’t have anyone to explain to her and became a mom, the same age I was at that time…..14. I listened and accepted her advice and authority.

relativism…..I valued my moms opinions with later maturity….I was able to make more decisions on my own with little authority from my single mom such as what I wanted to maybe study in college that best fit my personality and what I felt strongly about with more encouragement than authoritative parenting.

Two marker events that could help a young adult into their current level of thinking in my opinion would be dualism and multiplicity because I believe they are the core processes that shape a growing young adult to the level of “relativism”.

The life span: human development for helping professionals, Chapter 11/ Patricia C. Broderick, Pamela Blewett.

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