Reflecting on New York Lomgitudinal (1977) behavioral traits of infants in regard to the effectiveness of caregiving behaviors be different for children with temperament; Three traits specifically that our book discusses that will aid in understanding a child’s behavior is: Difficult babies, Easy babies and Slow -to-warm-up babies. Easy babies had later adjustment difficulties. Children with difficult temperaments may be projecting what is called genetic vulnerability which means they could be more prone to unsupported parenting and environmental difficulties.

The effects on a caregiver, child and/or child could be horrible effects. The caregiver or parent becomes frustrated with the baby or child and handles them physically aggressive and verbally abuse the child or even yelling and screaming at the baby or child. The infant in turns is not getting the positive stimuli from the parent or caregiver that it needs to be happy and/or content to thrive for healthy development and intelligence.

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